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China laying tracks for 1,000km/h maglev trains
-If technology proves to be viable, a 2,200-km trip from Wuhan to Guangzhou could be reduced to around two hours


At 30,000 kilometers, China already boasts the world’s most extensive high-speed rail network. Photo: Xinhua


The exceptionally high speed means that once operational, a 2,200-km journey from Wuhan to Guangzhou could be reduced to about two hours.


An aerial view of the Guangzhou South Station, one of China’s largest high-speed-railway stations. Photo: Xinhua


It has also been reported that a 600km/h maglev train prototype will be ready for trial runs in 2020. Hubei will start work on a 200-km section made of vacuum tubes to conduct experiments to verify the cutting-edge, high-temperature superconducting maglev theory and ultimately push the speed limit to 1,000km/h.


What is propelling the ambitious new project is Beijing’s latest policy paper on nationwide transportation developments promulgated last month. It contains a chapter on running new maglev lines between key urban centers to complement the existing network of high-speed railways.


The 350km/h high-speed trunk routes between Beijing and Shanghai and Beijing and Guangzhou have seen their average loading and occupancy rates soar to 82% in the decade since completion. Train cars are already packed prior to major holidays and during peak travel seasons, and marshaling and signaling constraints mean few extra trains can be added to alleviate congestion.


Trains on Shanghai’s Maglev Line serving one of the city’s airports can reach ia speed of 430km/h. Photos: WeChat


Shanghai’s maglev train, inaugurated in 2002, can travel at a speed of 430km/h. Photo: iStock


In 2002, China received a technology transfer from Germany for a 30-km maglev line between downtown Shanghai and the city’s Pudong Airport that would allow trains to travel at 430km/h.

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Will this count as Hyperloop, or is it under a different category?


a true hyperloop would be trains in a vacuum tunnel propelled on a maglev track. It can go super fast because there would be no air resistance and no track resistance. This is just a super fast maglev track similar to what other countries are doing.


Isnt a hyperloop just a fast maglev in a vacuum


I mean, communism cant build with quality it seems, When the soviets built cars, passenger planes, or anything else for the people the quality was garbage. When they build military stuff, it was ok.


The majority of the US population also lives on, or close to, the east coast. Add in the west coast and you've covered most people.


Do you see how connecting that many towns is made simpler by having them all on the same side of a country? What are you trying to say?


Hey, if China can make 1 big one, America can make two 2 smaller ones, am i right?


China’s east coast has about 10x as many people as the US.


170 million people live along the east coast. 40-50 million live along the west coast.
That's hardly "half"


Yes, but what if people from the west coast want to get to the east coast?


Then they fly.
Building a 1000km/h rail would be abnormally expensive, which would make the cost of a ticket abnormally expensive. And that's not even looking at the massive security issues.


Most of the US population is in the east as well, and we are a far richer economy so it's really not an excuse. At minimum, we at least should have high speed lines along the east coast and between San Francisco and Los Angeles where there is plenty of population to support such a project.

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