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Your country is forced to cede 10% of their territory to their biggest neighbour. However, you can choose what to give away. What lands would you give them?

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Rushil Kaul, Student
Answered Oct 4
This is going to be interesting.
I’m Indian. A non-resident passport holder of a country with over 1.3 billion people, covering an area of over 3.2 million square kilometres. I expect my final decision to be very controversial considering that every state in India is an asset in its own way.
Having said that I haven’t got all day so let’s get to it!


In the case of India, the problem I find is that no single state has an area greater than the required 10% for this scenario except Rajasthan. A state with vibrant culture and traditions that the average Indian wouldn’t want to lose. Added to this, the fact that it is an extremely resource rich state with dense mineral deposits of non-ferrous minerals and limestone, among others. Although the state is over 60% desert which tempted me to think twice, it is these very deserts which house the majority of India’s copper, zinc and other mineral reserves so it would be ill-advised to cede Rajasthan.
So it is definitely not my first pick.


Let us then move on to another immensely beautiful, magical region which I reluctantly talk about at the negotiation table.


The states of Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Nagaland, Manipur, Mizoram, Tripura and Meghalaya. Also fondly known by Indians as “The Seven Sisters”.


These states are located in India’s North East, and can be described in one word, paradise. They are biodiversity hotspots and have immense untapped tourism potential. I would always suggest international tourists to not only experience the metropolitan cities but visit the North Eastern states, owing to their untouched natural beauty (at the moment, at least).


China will already be rejoicing (Especially about Arunachal Pradesh), but since we have about 60,000 square kilometres to go I don’t think they will budge from the negotiation table yet.


Now, let’s try to find some other solutions…
We begin to discuss Himachal Pradesh.


The state borders China, so China will be licking its lips again at the offer. It is also a region favoured by tourists, especially hikers who wish to traverse the mountain peaks of the Himalayas.


The problems it faces are similar to that of the North East. Relatively remote, little to no industrial development. Again, small scale agriculture is one of the main sectors of the state’s economy.


Sadly, we would have to let Himachal Pradesh go too. Another 55,000 square kilometres of area, lost without any benefits received, to a rival country. *Sigh*


We still have another 5,000-odd square kilometres to go. To fulfil these requirements I would willingly cede the unx Territory almost no one in India cares about. The unx Territory that is only there in geography textbooks because we have to memorise all state and unx territory capitals by age 11:
The Andaman and Nicobar Islands


The highlighted portion in the map
You’re welcome, China. Now, can we have Chinese Occupied Kashmir back? We would appreciate if you would ask your good friend Pakistan to give back their share too (Great buffer zone to resist future attacks-we have already lost greatly valuable strategic territory)
A major thing I am uncertain about with this deal is the isolation of Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh caused by the loss of Himachal Pradesh. If anyone has some ideas let me know :)



Rushil Kaul
Original Author ? Oct 4
I feel that the agricultural production that the area provides is also essential to provide for the rest of the country. But again, as I said, this definitely would be a controversial opinion considering that different areas have different merits and demerits, and that some people would prefer some of these positives than others. It is a subjective opinion.


Anek Jena
Oct 5
How many developed country do you see with an economy based on Agriculture .ZERO .
Yes merits and demerits. But risk advantage ratio matters. War is said to be expensive. But was it if Japan had occupied China in WW2 ..Or say Britishers fought many wars in India . It depends . It depends .


Rushil Kaul
Original Author ? Oct 5
Absolutely correct. Agree with both points.
Why I was talking about agriculture is to ensure basic food security. The loss of Bihar would lead to more food shortages than the loss of the North East.
Yes, it also depends on the situations at various points in time. However, that''''s why this answer is subjective. A person may give more importance to certain hypothetical than others. Hope you understood what I was trying to say.


Anek Jena
Oct 5
Remove a state with the lowest per capita , literacy , hdi , high fertility rate , etc . You call it hypothetical?
North east has much untapped potential. Better literacy, civil laws , work ethics and you know what If India can crack the here , it can actually work wonders .


Rushil Kaul
Original Author ? Oct 5
Hey! Come on, as I said.. Answers to this question are based on opinions which are subjective. For instance, you are talking about untapped potential in the North East which I agree with and even talked about in my answer. The North East population is highly educated too. However I feel that industrial growth there can only happen at great cost to the environment. The majority of the region (60+%) is forested and most industries will be situated in these areas.

In contrast, Bihar is generally flat plain and already has industries although to a limited degree which can be further developed. It is also a source of highly skilled as well as unskilled labour which work in different parts of the country. In my opinion if the Biharis are educated, it will drastically help to curb issues arising from overpopulation and income issues as well. If I were the Head of state I would probably split both UP and Bihar again, just to give a little extra attention to these two states which could be extremely important to the country. Just as you suggested in one of your own answers.


Just like it seems you feel that the North East has untapped potential, I feel Bihar does, too. There are good reasons for it, not because I particularly like Bihar or something like that.


Sekhara Pramod
Oct 6 ? 2 upvotes including Rushil Kaul
India''''s largest neighbour is China, not Myanmar. And giving away Bihar to either would be a huge mistake. You say Bengal can supply labour to the rest of the country. But giving away Bihar you''''ll be endangering all of that potential labour, because of the Ganga flowing through Bihar.


History doesn''''t pay your bills, I agree. But giving away Bihar, what would become India''''s history? Ashoka and Chandragupta and Vikramaditya aren''''t Indian anymore, the Buddha isn''''t Indian anymore, Mithila isn''''t Indian anymore, Buddhism isn''''t Indian anymore, The Lion Capital isn''''t Indian anymore, India''''s flag isn''''t Indian anymore because the flag contains the Ashoka chakra.


The Siliguri corridor is enough of a nightmare for India in case of War. We don''''t need a longer and narrower extension to it. Giving away Bihar, come wartime and the Northeastern states would be cut off from the mainland in hours.


Think of Bihar''''s people, if Bihar is given away to either China or Myanmar, how will they visit their new capital? History has shown us what happens to massively culturally different lands separated by vast swathes of another country under the same government. That is how Bangladesh came to exist.


Revenue isn''''t the only factor you should care about. If that was true, then Kashmir would be useless. But it isn''''t, it holds far more strategic value than economic value.


Rushil Kaul
Original Author ? Fri ? 1 upvote from Sekhara Pramod
Thanks for encapsulating the reasons for this choice in a better way than I ever could. It was extremely difficult for me to choose but I had to take a pick.


Soumya Jeet
Oct 4 ? 1 upvote from Rushil Kaul
HP’s social indicators are improving quite fast vis-à-vis the rest of the country. Add to that their well functioning education system, you’re looking a lot of foregone human capital!


Rushil Kaul
Original Author ? Oct 5
You''''re right.. As I said, every state has its own merits and demerits and choosing to leave even one is a difficult choice.


This answer only puts forward a hypothetical opinion, and does not necessarily reflect what a country or person should do if they face this dilemma.
Hope you understand.


Kashyap Rajpurohit
I know thats a hypothetical question. Well, its just my first response to it and thats how it is. :)


Rushil Kaul
Original Author ? Fri
If you wanted to talk about the question you could always leave a question comment.


Hong Qi
Oct 4
You need water from NE.


Rushil Kaul
Original Author ? Oct 5
You''''re right. However I don''''t have many other ideas regarding the question with regards to India, to be honest.


Hong Qi
Oct 5
You can give away North West part and A.N. Pakistan is not your problem any more. It will be China’s. maybe China can have a deal with Pakistan on Kashmir. India will also have no issue with China because all the territorial issues no longer exist. India still have the water sources from NE. you can use part of the defense budget to build the canal to bring the water to south.


Shobhit Sharma
Oct 8
India doesn''''t share its longest boundary with China. The longest border is with Bangladesh


Javad Ahmed
Oct 6
Stop fooling yourself mate. you know how much suffering we have gone through. given that hindu pandits were displaced from their land. The majority should have their voice and decision upheld. Not everyone gets what they want. But the majority of the people must e kept happy. By the way i wasnt speaking on behalf of anyone, i was only speaking about my own kashmris.


Javad Ahmed
Oct 7
Kashmir is Chinas least interest they already have Hong Kong to deal with. But i really respect the fact that you respect my opinion. But i must say most of the older Muslim generation and when i say older i mean by 1940s the people had a strong alignment with Pakistan. Even meeting pakistanis i feel i am more pakistani than indian. Before Pakistans intervention in Kashmir the people wanted Pakistan as there were supposed to be two states; india and pakistan. To us we should of been given over to Pakistan in 1947. The fact india denies the number of separatists is silly.


Rushil Kaul
Original Author ? Oct 7
When I was talking about China I was saying with reference to this answer,since China is Imdia’s biggest neighbour.


Javad Ahmed
Oct 7
Most of the Muslims in Kashmir are seperatists. The few who arent are either gaining money and are severely hated by the Kashmiris. I can say that proudly that every person in my family is a separatist and we do not share a love for india. It gets on my nerve when indians do not understand who we are and who we want to be. We are Kashmiri first then we have a nationality.


Adam Zheng
Oct 4
Can''''t you just, like, give the worst parts of many states?


Rushil Kaul
Original Author ? Oct 4
Well I did think of it. But then I also thought that it is very unlikely it would add up. What suggestions did you have in mind, and what would you consider as worst parts of a state? Honest question.


Adam Zheng
Oct 4
I know next to nothing about Indian Geography. But maybe like, specific neighbourhoods and stuff first, then crime-ridden cities and things. Then you can continue with your full state culling, but preserve the best parts of each state.



Alex Parker
Answered Sep 30
Looking through some of the other answers, people have done this for the sake of political gain or in a manner that would inevitably result in the return of the land. I have not, I’m taking it to be assumed that my intention is to do so in a manner functional and effective for the recipient, without being devastating for the ceder.
I’m from the United Kingdom.


The UK has an area of ~240,000 sqkm. That means I need to give away ~24,000.
We only have one neighbour, Ireland, and hence I need to cede ~24,000 sqkm thereto.
The obvious first choice in Northern Ireland, unfortunately that’s only ~14,000 sqkm so I still need to cede another ~10,000.


To finish, then, I think the next choice would be the northern half of Wales. Although they are obviously very different, Wales is about as similar to Ireland as you’re going to find within the UK, especially the north.


In reality, I think such a state would struggle to maintain stability and ultimately I think the Northern Welsh section would break away. A united Ireland, on the other hand, although I wouldn’t consider it preferable, I think it could work in the long-term.



Sundeep Parhar
Oct 7 ? 2 upvotes including Alex Parker
What about British Antarctica? Plenty of that land to give away that won’t be missed…


Alex Parker
Original Author ? Oct 7 ? 4 upvotes
It is claimed, not controlled and, either way, is not a part of the United Kingdom.


Derek Langdon
Oct 1
As a Cornishman, I would cede the whole of England to the Martians,if it was possible for the Celtic nations of Britain to federate with Ireland, and live in harmony without the supremacist Anglo Saxons.



Laurence Cartwright, lives in Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, UK
Answered Oct 1
I’m from the UK. Our largest neighbour is France which, unlike us, has not voted to leave the EU.
Here’s a map of the referendum result from 2016. Blue = leave, Yellow = remain.


Whatever parts of the UK join France will not get Brexit. It might make sense, therefore, for parts of Scotland, Northern Ireland and London to leave us so they avoid Brexit, right?


Well, almost. If we are hit by a no-deal Brexit, or, realistically, any Brexit, it is going to have a negative impact on many aspects of life for the British people, and the referendum in which people voted for Brexit was based mostly on a series of lies, fantasies, and unkeepable promises. I’m not going to go into the details, but I would recommend the following answer as to why-
Barry McGuinness''''s answer to Why are some people convinced that staying in the European unx is best for the UK?


So, I’m going to save Britain from the impending doom by shipping off all the strongest leave-voting regions to France.
Since researching the area of every voting area would be a huge amount of effort, I’ll give them away in terms of the number of people who were registered as part of the electorate before the referendum took place. So 10% of our population will become French, but we won’t necessarily lose exactly 10% of our land.


There were 46,500,001 registered voters ahead of the referendum (not all of whom voted). So we shall, in turn, lose the voting areas with the highest Brexit vote, until we get up to 4,650,000 people.
The 42 voting areas with the highest Brexit vote percentage brings us just over this figure.
In these areas, 2,254,431 people voted to leave the EU, and 1,047,479 people voted to remain (and the rest didn’t vote).



Nicolas Azéraut
Oct 1 ? 8 upvotes including Laurence Cartwright
Yeah well, sorry not sorry but we’ll have to decline. We already have our own brands of, hum, misunderstanding folk.
No, ideally, if you could move your people to some other place, we’d rather have our 10% of British land free from any local population, as we intend to compensate global warming by extending our wine production and snails breeding…It is after all very probable according to your beautiful map that many Brexiteers will amend their ways while becoming more, say, urban…



Evangelos Lolos, lives in London
upxed Oct 5
Greece here, be prepared for a cunning plan worthy of the descendants of Odysseus.
Greece is required to cede 10% of its total land area which is 131,957 km2.

希臘需要放棄10%的國土面積,而它的國土總面積是13萬1957 平方公里。

At first glance, Turkey might seem to be getting those islands that are close, oh so close to its western coast. Not so fast, neighbour!
The biggest neighbour of Greece is not Turkey. There are two countries larger than Turkey which happen to share maritime borders with Greece[1], Egypt and Libya. Libya is over twice the size of Turkey, at 1.76 million km2.


I mean, what could be worse than giving 10% of Greece to Turkey? I don’t know, but giving it to Libya, a country still fighting a civil war which involves ISIS as one of the belligerents[2]certainly isn’t great.


So what if we were give Libya 10% of Greece in the form of a big fat Greek wooden horse?
Okay, we couldn’t find a horse big enough, so here we go with two ponies:


1. The beautiful island of Crete, 8,336 km2. Parts of the island have a ‘lively’ gun culture and Crete has been notorious for its revolutionary spirit.
ETA for revolution against Libyan control: 5ms, the time it takes a Cretan to draw his gun.

1. 克里特島這座美麗的島嶼,它的面積達到了8336平方公里。島上部分地區有“活躍的”槍支文化——克里特島因其革命精神而臭名昭著。

Flag of Cretan State, a short-lived state before Crete joined Greece in 1913


2. Parts of Messenia and Laconia, to the extend of 4,859 km2 which must include the Peninsula of Mani and the city of Sparta. Mani was also known in the past for its revolutionary spirit and, like Crete and Sicily, the bloody vendetta feuds between families. Sparta gets there to give some propaganda points, when you have Spartans vs Libyans you know who the Western powers will support, right?
ETA for revolution against Libyan control: 2 weeks, the time it takes a Maniot to come out of hiding because he was targeted in a vendetta.

2. 美塞尼亞和拉科尼亞的部分地區,其面積達到了4859平方公里,其中必須包括瑪尼半島和斯巴達城。與克里特島和西西里島一樣,瑪尼半島在過去也以其革命精神和家族間的血腥仇殺而聞名。送出斯巴達則是為了提供一些宣傳熱點,當你面對斯巴達人與利比亞人的對決的時候,你就知道西方列強會支持誰了,對吧?

Map of Mani and its neighboring areas. Sparta (modern Greek: Sparti ) is located near the centre of the map.
I’ve said revolution, but in reality there won’t be any shots fired in anger, just in celebration. Both areas are exclusively populated by Greeks (ok, there are immigrants and tourists but they are unarmed so they don’t count).


Libya has no means to reach those areas and its internal problems combined with its government’s limited legitimacy abroad wouldn’t allow it to sell the territories quickly enough to matter.
The best Libyans could do is send a merchant fleet to ferry a few army units, giving NATO frigates the opportunity to intercept them near Pylos and dare them to re-enact the battle of Navarino.


So in a few short weeks, the Cretans and Maniots emerge from their wooden horse and ask for a referendum to join Greece. Since Greece had already control of the regions due to pre-existing army bases, they are under de facto Greek control.
The referendum result comes back with something like 97% in favour of re-joining Greece and the UN accepts the outcome; after all most countries have to deal with their own 10% departing or even worse their neighbours’ 10%s that have gone all Spartan on them…



Evangelos Lolos
Original Author ? Oct 1 ? 46 upvotes including Kozan Soykal
I thought about this, but “sane Libyan politician” isn''''t something that could be found easily.
Plus, you definitely don''''t want Mani and the Americans will get Crete before you do; it''''s so much warmer than Greenland and all the guns will remind them of Texas.


Yiannis Papadopoulos
Oct 1 ? 11 upvotes including Kozan Soykal
Oh come on. You didn’t want Mani back in the good ol’ days. And NOW you change your mind?


Evangelos Lolos
Original Author ? Oct 1 ? 8 upvotes including Yiannis Papadopoulos
How many times have you heard of someone doing something crazy just to spite their neighour?

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