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NONTHABURI, Thailand — A 16-nation trade initiative backed by China is pushing ahead as India, facing fierce domestic opposition to its market-opening requirements, has dropped out.


Leaders of countries involved in the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership said Monday that they had resolved differences, but India said it was out. Seven years after talks began, the signing of a final deal was pushed back to next year.


India has balked at exposing its farmers and factories to more foreign competition, especially from China. It decided not to join the initiative because of an "inadequate protection against import surge," among a list of reasons the foreign ministry circulated after leaders met.


For years, world manufacturers have been boosting investment in and trade with Southeast Asia, a fast-growing and increasingly affluent market of 650 million people.


That trend has accelerated amid feuding between the U.S. and China over trade and technology, which has ramped up uncertainty as the two largest economies imposed billions of dollars'' worth of punitive tariffs on each other''s exports.


RCEP originally would have included about 3.6 billion people and encompassed about a third of world trade and global GDP.


Automakers fear imports from across the region. But overall the biggest fear is over a flood of manufactured goods from China.

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FTA with China/Japan/Sk etc will destroy our local industry as their manufacturing capabilities are far superior than us. We already have a FTA with ASEAN which has proven to be a disaster for us.
Also some of our conditions werent acceptable to others like opening up service sector


It is ASEAN-led trade bloc, not China led.


I think joining will force India to reform their farms and industry which they don''t want for some reason.


Good point, however India needs to improve its domestic sectors to be able to compete internationally.
At present, in a price sensitive market such as India, a FTA will put undue pressure on our domestic producers.
This is a stalling tactic for the time being, we need to improve upto international standards, as being uncompititive for extended duration will hurt us more.
I''d wager PM Modi will stick to this stand untill his reforms start to show effects and after that GoI may reconsider when it''s core concerns are better addressed.


Oh well. Big countries usually tend to cave in to domestic interest groups and drag their feet on reform.


No its not a good point by that guy and this response by you just falls into his little trap.
The major point is if you want access to X% of our market, you also need to open up X% of your market.
When you only want certain sectors where you hold competitive advantage (mostly through capex inertia and forex stockpile subsidy) opened in another country, but you dont open the sectors where they hold competitive advantage (namely pharma and IT)...I''m sorry but no deal.
It is just better to conduct a better FTA with ASEAN alone, and that will come up next year...and ASEAN now better understands what India''s core position is on this stuff so no need to waste bunch of time negotiating from scratch.
They at least will not play these games and then make it as though they are so open and you are the one doing all the shielding....not nearly as much at least.
Till then we need to continue with more and more reforms and continue to attract capital investment from the main technology providers in the West. They have actually opened up their markets to where we have competitive advantage....and don''t play manipulative exchange rate shenanigans to distort their pricing (to protect labour inelasticity and threats of revolution and all that chain of events).


You really don''t know how the Chinese market was flooded with all foreign products of everything and how millions state owned factories were out of business and closed down and how tens of millions being laid off and hundreds of millions can''t find a job in China. Believe me, we experienced the worst that you guys can''t even imagine.
I understand India can''t take drastic policies to kill everything and rebuild the whole industries all over again from the basics like China did 40 years ago, that will throw your current government out of power in no time. You guys can find a middle way to do it.


There is merit to this idea but I think the timing of this couldn''t have been worse. India is going through its worst phase in economic terms and such a move would kill any confidence left in domestic industry.
But if Indian sectors have to up their game, they need get out of their comfort zone and only way to do that is to open the market so they have to compete to remain the best.
India will join, only when economy stabilizes a bit.


But it seems like this time is being used to lighting the chinese made firecrackers for diwali, mass-production of cow-vigilantes, patanjali urine products and stone-blocks for ram mandir while while Modi inaugurating the ''Sardar Patel Statue aka Unity Statue'' made from Bronze-cladding imported from China (Unity through China). Made in India in full swing, now i know what it means ''Modi hai to mumkin hai''...

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