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Why do the Kazakh people look like Chinese?


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Bibol Alipbai, knows Kazakh, English, Russian, Chinese and Japanese
We are the so-called the Eurasian people. We have more Mongloid features, but we also have Europoid feature too.
I don’t think that it is because of Mongolian or Chinese influece. Mummified bodies of Ancient people were found all accross Kazakstan and around, and they are all mixed races, some more Asian and some more Western. Ever since the earliest settlements (Denisovnian, Andronov, Begazy-Dandybai), this region has become a crossroad for multiple human migrations. It is no accident that we have such diverse features. We sometimes call ourselves the Seventh Continent, though :).
However, Kazakhs relate themselves more with Turkic people of the Turkic Khanate in 7the Century, who were, indeed, more Mongloid looking. Ironically, as Mongol Empire was better known to wenterners, the people of Eastern Asian and Central Asia are called Mongloid. I bet if Turkic Khanate had similar influence we would be called differently, like Turkic looking people of Asia.
Check Balbal stones (Tomb stones) erected on Turkic worriors’ tombs (7–10 centuries).
Mongols invaded Kazaks’ lands in 13th century, but they were very small in number. Some army heads (no more than several thousand) were from mogol tribes according to historians. These Mongolian heads could not influence the outnumbered people of Kazakh tribes linguistically, let alone genetically.
So, I would say that we are historically “Mongloid” looking. We are the people of Eurasia, we don’t look like Chinese or Mongols.
Ok, here are some photos of Kazakh people I have found online.
More Western
More Asian
Again, more Asian, but with blue eyes.
And then, here is an interesting answer. Some of them are not ethnic Kazakhs, but most of them are. So, we don’t look like Chinese or Mogolian. :)
What do Kazakhstanis look like?


John May
You are right. Also look into the Huns, another mongoloid/sinoid looking people from present China that ravaged europe in the early 3–4th century and ruled the central asian steppes.
The interesting point is the surnames. Were they result of conversion into islam or the Y Chromosome from Arabs?


Bibol Alipbai
Surnames? Nowadays most Kazakh names have -ov and -ova endings, and that is the legacy og Russian rule. And many kazahs have Arabic names, which is the result of Islamic influence in central Asia.


Jason Kluge
I actually find all of them look very Asian. Personally I can''t tell their difference from the Chinese in N. China.


Jay Ray
Can most Han Chinese pass as “local Kazakh” based on appearance if they are dressed similarly?


Alex Ryparov
No. They are different. It like difference between Russian face and Western Europe.


Jay Ray
Yes, but there are many Russians who can pass as Western European and vice versa.
For example, I imagine that the 3 guys below could pass as Kazakh. Right?


Tolga Toleubay
Nope. I''m Kazakh and i can tell these guys are Asian, Chinese or Japanese, or whatever. I mean they don''t look even close to Central Asians. I guess its the eyes, perhaps ? And some face features. To me they look totally different from Kazakhs.


Peng XiangPing
Yes, I agree. Chinese is a very diverse race also. It is different from north to central to south and west. It is a billion people race on this planet. So please don’t generalist one group of people over the others. It is important to do some study first before assumption.


Will Sherlington
i think i can relate to that statement above. I’m chinese myself but i have a certain physical features that none of my family members have. I have frizzy curly hair type 3c, long nose, hairy and i don’t have slanted eyes ;D


Alex Chomsky, Mixed. Dad is Chinese. Mom is Russian.
I have some Kazakh friends, and they sort of look like me :) The president of Kazakhstan also looks a bit Chinese
Also the guy on the bottom left (Dimash) looks Chinese. His dad does too. He’s also somewhat popular in China.
As others like Bibol Alipbai have mentioned, Kazakhs are a Turkic people, who are believed to have originated from the Far East in China (Turkic peoples#Origins and early expansion, around Manchuria and then spread westward).
Parts of Kazakhstan (and Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan) actually used to be part of China, like during the Han dynasty and Tang dynasty. The Kazakhs are also closely related to the Uyghur people of Xinjiang, another Turkic-speaking people living in China.
[See that light blue? That was part of Han China. Also see the Greco-Chinese war, Protectorate of the Western Regions, and Han-Xiongnu war.]
[Tang dynasty, also see Protectorate General to Pacify the West]
Then came the Mongol dynasty.
But even for centuries before, the Eurasian steppe, Central Asians lands of Kazakhstan, and Mongolia were unified under the Xiongnu confederacy and Gokturk empire, making the Mongols and Kazakhs historically genetically related.
[Xiongnu, later defeated by the Han c80 BC]
[ Gokturks, lated defeated by the Tang by the 7th century ]
Linguistically, Turkic people and Mongolians speak very similar languages, both with SOV typology, vowel harmony, agglutination, and some cognates, leading some past linguists to postulate that they belong to the same family, the Altaic group. However nowadays, most scholars believe that Turkic languages and Mongolian form a sprachbund due to historical intermixing and interaction between the groups.
But there were also other times when Greeks (Alex the Great), Persians (Sogdians), Arabs (Abbasids), and most recently Russians occupied Central Asia (that’s why Kazakhs and other former Central Asian Soviet satellite states still write in Cyrillic, but Kazakhstan will switch to Latin by 2025). Thus the Turkic people have acquired some loanwords, linguistic and genetic influences from western Eurasians, Europeans and Middle Easterners, as well.
China–Kazakhstan relations - Wikipedia
The region used to be a hub for the Ancient Silk Road, and China is planning to build a new one with the BRI, with Kazakhstan playing an important economic role and hopefully to become as prosperous and rich as it was during the golden age of the silk road. China-Kazakhstan relations are also trending quite strongly.

正如Bibol Alipbai所言,哈薩克斯坦人是突厥民族,而突厥人據認為是起源于遠東,即中國(突厥人起源及其早期擴張,位于滿洲附近,然后向西擴張)。


Nathan Tesker
you also are forgetting stalin’s deportation policy and him deporting koreans to central asia. that’s how my family came to know about kimchi :-)


Victor Yang
We are all related: Chinese (Han), Tibetan, Mongolian, Korean, Japanese, most South Eastern peoples, even the American aborigials. Shall we all be called the “Yellow race”?


Merve Yarar, Loves K-Pop, K-Drama, Linguistics and Anthropology
Yes, some of them look Chinese.
Kazakhs are very diverse at looks, although they look like they''re same. But Kazakh looks can vary from East Asian to Eurasian.
For example…
East Asian looking Kazakhs
Eurasian-looking Kazakhs:

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