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In just one minute, you can get the
information you need to protect your
bones for life.

We start losing bone density in our
thirties. Early detection empowers you
to make changes to protect your
bone health.

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What is the bone scan and what information will I receive?

The Achilles Ultrasound machine is a screening tool used to guage fracture risk. It measures your heel through ultrasound technology with NO X-ray/radiation exposure. You will receive printed results to share with your doctor, including:

  • T-score: compares your bone density to that of a young adult at peak bone strength

  • Z-score: compares your results to people fo the same age as you


Why are Healthy Bones Important?

Strong bones support us and allow us to participate in activities we enjoy. Bones also help protect our heart, lungs, brain and other organs by storing vital nutrients necessary for long-term health.

Which Calcium is Right for Me?

For anyone not getting adequate calcium from their diet, calcium supplements can help fill the gaps. Learn how to choose the right supplement for you!

Diet & Lifestyle Tips from a Registered Dietitian

Learn how to support strong, healthy bones for life. Marci Clow, MS, RD, provides tips for protecting long-term bone health through diet and lifestyle.


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